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Greencastle, Pennsylvania — Trained staff and livestock auctioneer specialists, with over 50 years of experience, work hard to get top prices for all livestock, poultry, produce, hay and straw.  

Our customer base extends from East Tennessee, through Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, New York and Pennsylvania.

With over 50 enclosed livestock pens, we can accommodate all your auction needs. 

Feel free to stop in, have a cup of coffee at Ron’s cafe and visit our facility!

— Jeffrey S. Craig, Owner

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Greencastle Livestock Market Inc has started a program for OWNER CERIFIED NATURAL FEEDER CATTLE PROGRAM. Below is the Owner Affidavit. For more details call Jeff at 717-597-2171.

Owner Certified Natural Affidavit

The undersigned acknowledges that he/she has consigned cattle to Greencastle Livestock Market, Inc. and has the authority to represent them as “OWNER CERTIFIED NATURAL”.

The undersigned certifies that he/she is the original owner of the consigned cattle or if not the original owner, agrees to supply signed “All Natural” certification from the original owner.

The under signed certifies that said cattle have never ever received and will not receive:

  1. Lonophores – (Rumensin, Bovatec, Cattlyst, Gain-Pro)
  2. Antibiotices and/or Slfas – fed or injected (Auremycin, Nuflor, Draxxin, CTC, Albon)
  3. Growth promoting hormones/steroids – fed, oral or injected ( Revalor, MGA, Lutalyse, Ralgro, Dexamethsdone)
  4. Beta Adrenoceptor – agonist – fed or injected (Optaflexx)
  5. Any type of Animal By-Product in feedstuffs, mineral supplements or feed tubs:


       Fish Oil                               Milk Replacers                              Animal Fat

       Feather Meal                    Poultry Litter                                 Yellow Grease

       Any type of by-product from fish, birds, or mammals

This list of prohibited products is not limited to only the examples given. Please review your feedstuffs, minerals and supplements for actual ingredient content before signing this affidavit.

The undersigned certifies that  any cattle receiving therapeutic treatment will be individually indentified and will not be shipped without buyer’s permission.

Number of Head:       Steers___________            Heifers_________________

Sale Date:_________________________            First Calf Born Date:_________________





I hereby certify that the cattle represented in this consignment comply with aa management comply with all management practices and representations made by this affidavit.

____________________________________________          ______________________

                               Consignors Signature                                                                        Date       


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