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Greencastle Livestock Auction - Greencastle, PA
Livestock Auction Report for Thursday, January 22, 2015

The market information in this report is collected through the USDA Quality 
Systems Assessment (QSA) Livestock Auction Market Reporting (LAMR) program 
under the supervision and oversight of  USDA Livestock and Grain Market News.

           Cattle    Calves    Hogs    Feeder Pigs    Sheep    Goat
Receipts:    194       265      0            0           1       0
Last week:   218       328      0            0           0       0

   As compared to last week’s sale, Slaughter cows sold 3.00 to 5.00 lower. 
Cattle supply included 14 slaughter steers and heifers 163 slaughter cows, 
2 bulls, and 14 feeder cattle. All prices per cwt.

   Slaughter Steers: No Market Test.

   Slaughter Cows:
                Percent Lean   Avg. Dressing  High Dressing  Low Dressing
Premium White       65-75       ------------- -------------   ------------
Breakers            75-80       104.50-108.00 109.50-112.00   ------------
Boners              80-85       100.00-105.50 108.00-113.00   ------------     
Lean                85-90        92.50-98.50  100.00-103.00    81.00-88.00

   Slaughter Bulls: No Market Test.

   Return to Farm Calves:  As compared to last week's sale holstein bulls sold
steady to 5.00 higher. All calves sold per cwt.

Holstein Bull Calves:  Number 1 96-126 lbs 420.00-465.00; 80-94 lbs 420.00-470.00. 
Number 2  96-124 lbs 385.00-415.00; 80-95 lbs 370.00-410.00. Number 3 80-118 lbs 
150.00-340.00, mostly 200.00-280.00. Utility 60-124 lbs 50.00-120.00.

Holstein Heifer Calves: Number 1 96-104 lbs 290.00-300.00. Number 2  76-84 lbs

Beef Type Calves: 84-118 lbs 300.00-380.00.  

   Slaughter Sheep:

Lambs: No Market Test.

Ewes: No Market Test.

   Slaughter Goats:

Kids: No Market Test.

Nannies: No Market Test.

Billies: No Market Test.

Price and grade information is reported by QSA-USDA Market News Service. 
While market reports reflect the majority of Livestock sold at each sale, 
there are instances where animals do not fit reporting categories and are not 
included in this report. 

Source:  PA Dept of Ag-USDA Market News, Harrisburg, PA / New Holland, PA
         Dave Wert Ag Market News 570/490/5587 

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